Slip, Trip, and Fall

We are Florida slip, trip, and fall lawyers dedicated to holding businesses accountable to keep their properties safe and clean. We help those injured when a business chooses profits over people by failing to maintain its property in a reasonably safe condition or warn of a dangerous condition that results in serious injury or death.

Our Miami personal injury law office also represents those who slip and fall or trip and fall while at work. Florida’s Statute Section 440 is Florida’s workers compensation law and it provides very strict rules and regulates the rights of workers who are injured on the job. Generally, if one slips and falls at work, they are not allowed to sue their employer for negligence. This is called workers compensation immunity. There are some exceptions to the rule, depending upon the employer’s contract, such as if the employer intentionally harms the worker. There are other exceptions to Florida’s workers compensation immunity if the employee is injured at work due to the acts of someone other than the employer.

We have successfully represented injured people across the State of Florida who have slipped, tripped or fallen at businesses like: Walmart, K-Mart, Publix, Disney World, Whole Foods Store, Universal Studios, Bayside Marketplace, Citi Bank, South Miami Hospital, and Versailles Restaurant.

If you have tripped or fallen at a business, store, restaurant or amusement park and have been hurt, even if you were on the clock at the time of your injury; we are prepared to help you and urge you to obtain immediate medical care and consult with our office as soon as possible.

Aronfeld Trial Lawyers utilizes the expert opinions in determining the safety of areas where our clients are injured. Pictured is one of our expert engineers analyzing the coefficient of friction of an accident scene in Miami, Florida. In this case, a Miami woman slipped and fell, severely injuring her spine.

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