Our Miami motorcycle accident lawyers were saddened to learn that a Sunday morning motorcycle ride turned into tragedy for 22 year old Sweetwater, Florida police officer Bryan Marrero. He lost control of his bike and collided into the guardrail off I-75 near the 154th Street overpass. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Officer Marrero was off-duty and wearing a helmet. Our condolences to his family and the Sweetwater Police Department.

According to Florida Traffic Crash Statistics the total number of Florida motorcycle accidents and deaths are declining, yet motorcycle passenger injuries are increasing every year. Motorcycle crashes in Florida are the most common cause of traffic related fatalities. When a motorcycle accident occurs, it almost always results in a serious injury and all too often, death. Accident victims can sustain brain and spinal injuries even when wearing a helmet.

As a Miami Beach lawyer who does motorcycle accident cases, I believe that the single most important way to avoid a motorcycle crash-related injury is to simply wear a helmet whenever you ride. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has examined the association between states that require helmet use versus those that do not. Their findings indicate that there are fewer fatalities in states that have mandatory helmet laws.

Florida has a partial helmet law, that requires drivers to be at least 21 year of age and have $10,000 worth of PIP insurance to cover medical bills. Motorcycle use is on the rise in Florida. More and more people are drawn to the economy and freedom of riding a motorcycle. They can be a fun way to get across town, but they are and have always been very dangerous.

Florida’s Motorcycle Safety Education Program is designed to teach effective motorcycling skills. They are taught on courses by teachers that are approved by the state. Those that successfully complete the course have satisfied the DMV’s requirement for a motorcycle driver’s license endorsement.

Our Doral traffic accident lawyers are dedicated to protecting Florida’s motorcyclists. We encourage you to always wear a helmet even when not legally mandated. Helmets can save the lives of passengers too. If you are asked to go for a ride and the driver does not provide you a helmet, simply say no. We also recommend that you verify if the driver has a valid motorcycle endorsement operator’s license.

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