As part of the investigation into alleged collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russians, Donald Trump Jr., was called upon by the House Intelligence Committee to testify about a meeting that occurred at Trump Tower between him and a Russian lawyer with purported ties to the Kremlin.
During his examination, Mr. Trump Jr. refused to answer questions regarding what he told his father claiming that it would violate the “attorney-client privilege.” Which is an interesting excuse given that neither President Trump or his son are lawyers.
As a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, the attorney-client privilege comes up frequently in the course of depositions, particularly in cruise ship passenger accident claims against cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney, Celebrity, Princess, Holland America, MSC and Norwegian. Typically, the attorney-client privilege is asserted to prevent a party from discussing the conversations he or she may have had with his or her lawyer to facilitate the representation. For example, if a cruise line lawyer were to ask during my client’s deposition, what my client and I valued their slip and fall case for, or whether or not we wanted to go to trial – I would object and instruct my client not to answer on the basis of the attorney-client privilege.
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