Fall Prevention Tips and the Elderly

Fall Prevention Tips and the Elderly

As people age, the risk of falling drastically increases. Florida currently has a population of approximately 20 million individuals, with people 60 years of age and older making up almost a quarter of that population. These figures do not include the ‘snowbird’ population, which visits our state a few months out of the year. What [...]

Swimming Pool Slip and Fall Injury Claims

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXjsQ7O5Vwc Summer is just around the corner, which means more people will be relaxing and enjoying the swimming pools in beautiful South Florida. Meaning Swimming Pool Slip and Fall Injury is more likely to occur. In order to stay safe this summer, make sure that you take necessary precautions to prevent a slip and [...]

What Steps do I need to take to pursue an injury claim if I suffer a slip and fall at Publix?

Publix is the largest supermarket chain in Florida with over 700 locations throughout the state. Countless individuals shop their stores daily, and every single day, someone slips, trips and falls while shopping at Publix. The reason for the fall could be anything from a slippery surface to an uneven floor. Not every slip and fall [...]
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