The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has modified the COVID-19 rules required for all cruise ships. These changes focus on lowering the threshold required for cruise ships to be labeled as a “highly-vaccinated” vessel.

The CDC made the announcement for these rule changes on May 5, 2022. These guidelines were originally created and announced in 2021 before cruise ships were allowed to resume operations after the COVID-19 pandemic started. The regulations were imposed by the CDC, requiring cruise companies to provide proof of the percentage of crew members and passengers who were fully vaccinated. If they did not meet those requirements, the cruise line was required to hold “test cruises” to ensure that other safety protocols were working before officially beginning business. If the cruise line did not follow the rules and did not provide proof of vaccination for both passengers and crew members, the cruise line faced the possibility of fines.

The original guidelines for cruise ships to be labeled as “highly-vaccinated” required the cruise line to show that 98 percent of their crew members and 95 percent of their passengers were fully vaccinated. The announcement from the CDC on May 5, 2022, involved lowering the cruise ship vaccination status threshold from 95 percent of all passengers being vaccinated to 90 percent of all passengers.

The CDC requires that cruise lines that opt into their COVID-19 program must share the vaccination status of their vessels with the CDC. This information is then posted on the CDC’s web site, providing the consumer with information on all cruise vessels included in the program, as well as listing the ship’s color status, which shows the number of COVID-19 cases reported on that vessel.

Additionally, the CDC clarified its requirements regarding isolation cabin requirements. Previously, the CDC required the isolation cabins provide negative air pressure. However, negative air pressure is no longer required for isolation cabins.  Isolation cabins must still be in a separate area from the rest of the cabins.

Previously, the CDC had warned the public against taking cruises because of the risk of contracting COVID-19. Now, they strongly advise those taking a cruise be fully-vaccinated, including receiving boosters when eligible, prior to boarding a cruise ship.  

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