How do you know if you have Chinese Drywall in Your House?

Are you frequently replacing air conditioning systems or refrigerator components such as air coils?

This may be a sign that your home is contaminated with dangerous Chinese Drywall.

Have you experienced loss of “freon” or refrigerant from your a/c system? It may have leaked into your home from sulfur eaten pinholes in your equipment.

Has your home’s electrical wiring turned black corroded?

Has any copper piping turned black?

Has any of your silver jewelry kept in your home turned black?

There may be both electrical and fire safety issues caused by dangerous and defective Chinese Drywall.

How about your physical health?Have you experienced new symptoms involving upper respiratory, nosebleeds, headaches, eye irritations or allergies?

If so, contact our 24/7 Chinese Drywall hot line at: toll-free: 866-597-4529 today.

Immediate Legal Help is Critical. Our lawyers understand the need to conduct immediate legal investigation which includes:

  • An immediate investigation to determine if you have drywall contamination
  • Determining the extent of contamination and destruction in your home
  • Determining who is responsible for the damage> Reviewing your home ownership documents to look for hidden legal deadlines
  • Giving you the answers to the tough legal questions you are facing right now
  • Reviewing your insurance policies for possible insurance claims
  • Choosing the best place to file your lawsuit or claim
  • Getting a recovery that can get your damaged home made whole again.

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