Got a sad call Richard Serpe Serpe last night. The federal judge in Norfolk, Virgina ruled that an insurance company did not have to pay a homeowner for damages caused by the toxic Chinese drywall. Judge Robert Doumar’s ruling stated, however, the Court will not categorically rule out the possibility that other as-yet-unclaimed losses might be subject to coverage under the Policy’s ensuing loss provisions. The ruling could be cited by other insurance companies looking to deny claims filed by homeowners and maybe even tenants.

Chinese drywall was used by the now-closed Venture Supply Company in Norfolk. I was there last week photographing drywall and meeting with Venture’s owner.

Homeowners claim it was responsible for corroding electronics and emitting an odor. Some families are convinced it has led to health problems.

The government maintains the best fix Drywall is to remove it completely, but many homeowners say they can’t afford to do so.