As a Florida Chinese Drywall lawfirm, we feel bad for CDW’s latest victim: Todd Walker. According to the Miami Herald, Walker worked for South Kendall Construction until it went bankrupt. South Kendall supplied Chinese Drywall to many homes in South Florida. The class-action suit excluded South Kendall’s employees. Sadly, Mr. Walker’s own home was built with the toxic drywall too.

Miami Judge Farina, ruled that even though Walker was let go before South Kendall went bankrupt, he was excluded from participating in the class. No one has decided whether or not Mr. Walker knew he was distributing the toxic drywall, but common sense would suggest that, he did not by virtue of the fact that his own home was built with the defective drywall.

As a Florida Chinese Drywall attorney, I am sure many of the families that have suffered the loss of their homes, property and have health issues, may not have sympathy for Mr. Walker, but i do. He lost his job, house and an opportunity to participate in the local class action.

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