Cruising To or From Cozumel

A tiny Mexican island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea is one of the more popular cruise destinations in the world. Well over one hundred thousand cruise passengers from all over the globe visit each year, and every major cruise line that leaves from the United States or Caribbean books a cruise route that stops on the island. Of course, we are talking about beautiful Cozumel. The island features crystal-clear waters and an outstanding tropical climate, but it is the good-natured people who make little Cozumel stand out as a cruise destination.

Filing a Claim for a Cozumel Cruise Injury

Filing a claim for a Cozumel cruise injury is complex process that requires the help of an experienced maritime injury attorney, and in most cases one located in Miami, FL, as most of the cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Carnival, Celebrity, MSC, etc. are headquartered here in Miami. Hidden in the fine print of your passenger ticket is the requirement for all claims against these cruise lines to be filed in Federal Court in Miami, FL.

Ports of Cozumel, Mexico

For its size, Cozumel boasts a large number of cruise ship ports, three to be exact. The biggest and most widely used port is in Cozumel’s main city of San Miguel de Cozumel. This port is called International Pier, and passengers who disembark there find themselves within walking distance of the city center. Some of the biggest cruise companies in the world dock at this port, including Carnival, Regent Seven Seas, and Disney. Visitors are welcomed to the island by touristy shops that sell everything from sombreros to tequila. However, the island also has two other ports.

The port of Punta Langosta is a great destination for lovers of beaches and island sand. It is a mere 10 minutes from Chankanaab National Park and several beautiful beaches. Meanwhile, the port of Puerto Maya, the oldest port on Cozumel, it is mostly used by the Norwegian cruise line, located less than two miles from San Miguel. It is easy to catch a taxi or make the waterfront walk into the city.

Accidents on Cruise Ships Docking in Cozumel

Cozumel is a relatively safe place to visit, and for that reason many  cruise ships make it their destination for overnight stops. Therefore, passengers and cruise companies spend more time on this small island than in many other places on their cruise itinerary.

However, familiarity with the port and island does not eliminate the possibility of injury and accident aboard a cruise ship. Even luxury ships and vessels from the biggest cruise companies in the world still have steep stairwells, unmarked door sills, and employees who fail to repair or properly address dangerous conditions on a boat. This negligence means passengers are injured.

Despite the laidback vibe of Cozumel, if you are injured aboard a ship traveling to or from the island, the process for filing a personal injury claim against the cruise company is still complicated. This is because very little of the process takes place on Cozumel, in Mexico, or even in the passenger’s home state or country. Big cruise companies–such as Carnival, Disney, and Norwegian–all require injured passengers to bring claims in the United States Federal Court in Miami, Florida. This requirement is only the beginning of the ordeal cruise lines impose on passengers who want to be compensated for injuries.

Filing the lawsuit in Florida means an injured passenger must travel back and forth to the state for hearings and legal proceedings. There are jurisdictional requirements to follow and time-sensitive deadlines to meet. Moreover, many cruise lines require passengers to provide written statements, notification of intention to bring a claim, or follow other processes before even filing the personal injury claim. To navigate this rigmarole, a local law firm in Florida can help.

Injured on a Cruise to or From Cozumel, Mexico

Aronfeld Trial Lawyers is based in Miami, Florida. Our location and dedication to maritime law afford  us unique insight into the legal strategies employed by major cruise lines. We use this insight, in addition to experience representing injured cruise passengers, to win personal injury cases against the major cruise companies. We can help you navigate the rigorous processes and procedures imposed by the cruise companies.

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