Cruising To or From Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the most beautiful and exotic cruise ship destinations in the world. It is a country filled with stunning natural scenery and historic towns. Both those parts of Guatemala provide fascinating destinations for cruise ship visitors, and the country has become a popular Central American destination for luxury and larger cruise ships.

Filing a Claim for a Guatemala Cruise Injury

Filing a claim for a Guatemala cruise injury is complex process that requires the help of an experienced maritime injury attorney, and in most cases one located in Miami, FL, as most of the cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Carnival, Celebrity, MSC, etc. are headquartered here in Miami. Hidden in the fine print of your passenger ticket is the requirement for all claims against these cruise lines to be filed in Federal Court in Miami, FL.

Basic Information on the Ports in Guatemala

Of the two ports of call in Guatemala, the busier one is located near the bustling city of San Jose.  Known as Puerto Quetzal, it is the destination for most big, commercial cruise ships and cruise lines, such as Seabourn, Holland America, SilverSea, Oceania, and Cunard. Cruise passengers use this port to reach Antigua, the most visited place in Guatemala. Antigua is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, Puerto Quetzal is also one of the busiest commercial ports in the world, and many cruise passengers want to avoid the hectic port and chaotic city of San Jose.  

Those passengers may prefer Guatemala’s other port, the newer Puerto Santo Tomas de Castilla. This port was completed in 2004 as a destination for smaller cruise ships, like the ultra-luxurious Regent Seven Seas Navigator, NCL’s Dawn, Holland America’s MS Veendam, and the Azamara Journey. While those cruise ships might be smaller in size, Puerto Santo Tomas is also a major port in Guatemala, and cruises there bring thousands of people to Guatemala and the town of Puerto Barrios every year. Passengers may visit Rio Dulce, San Felipe Castel, and the Mayan ruins of Quirigua before heading to another Central or Latin American destination.

Accidents Aboard Cruises in Guatemala

These two ports are very different types of destinations for cruise vessels. Passengers to Puerto Quetzal have to contend with commercial vessels and their cargo, while peaceful fields and a quiet town without certain modern amenities welcome those who arrive in Puerto Santo Tomas de Castilla. Arriving in Puerto Quetzal means climbing aboard a bus for Antigua or Guatemala City, while Puerto Barrios is a family-friendly destination with outdoor adventures nearby. Regardless of these differences, passengers to both destinations can suffer accidents aboard their cruise ships.

These injuries in or near the ports of Guatemala are often of the same nature. Passengers frequently slip on the ships’ wet decks, fall on narrow stairways while the boat is moving, or stumble over a threshold that is not clearly marked. In some incidents, there is no party to blame for the accident. However, in other situations those accidents happen because the cruise line or its employees were negligent. In those instances, injured passengers might be entitled to reimbursement for their medical expenses, lost wages, travel, pain and suffering, and even loss of enjoyment of their cruise due to the injury.

Accidents that could be attributed to the cruise line include a slippery deck, or the floor inside a bathroom that was recently mopped but not appropriately dried–or where a busy and overworked crew member has forgotten to post a wet-floor sign on a polished marble floor. Other examples include mismarked or unmarked steps or doorways that cause passengers to trip or fall. Regardless of the type of injury, a passenger could have a personal injury claim against the cruise line.

Evaluation of Your Personal Injury Claim

At Aronfeld Trial Lawyers, we investigate potential lawsuits against cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Celebrity, Cunard, Holland America, and Seabourn. If you were injured aboard a cruise ship in Guatemala, or anywhere else, and need an evaluation of your claim, contact our office for an initial, confidential consultation.  We will help determine if, where, how, and when you need to file a personal injury claim against the cruise company, and we will provide qualified representation throughout the potential lawsuit.

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