Cruising To or From England

London’s energy, history, and diversity entice millions of tourists to visit every year.  Breathtaking buildings, fascinating historical sites, great shopping and dining venues, and impressive theater opportunities abound throughout the city. Combined, these cultural elements create an atmosphere unlike any other in the world. The city’s location on the River Thames makes many visitors choose to visit London by cruise ship. With so much to do and two major passenger ports, London is certainly an ideal destination for cruises.

Filing a Claim for a London Cruise Injury

Filing a claim for a London cruise injury is complex process that requires the help of an experienced maritime injury attorney, and in most cases one located in Miami, FL, as most of the cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Carnival, Celebrity, MSC, etc. are headquartered here in Miami. Hidden in the fine print of your passenger ticket is the requirement for all claims against these cruise lines to be filed in Federal Court in Miami, FL.

Ports of London, United Kingdom

The Port of Southampton is the primary passenger ship port for the city of London, and it is used by a number of major cruise lines, including AIDA, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, MSC, Azamara, Norwegian, P&O, Cunard, and Crystal Cruises. Of these, Royal Caribbean’s 4,400-passenger ship, Anthem of the Sea, is the largest ever to port at Southampton. Nearly two million people board or alight from cruise ships at this busy port each year, making it one of Europe’s leading cruise ship ports.

The other major port serving passengers on London cruise lines is the Port of Dover, located in the southeast corner of England. One of the busiest passenger ship ports in all of Europe, it services over 200,000 passengers each year for a number of major cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, Princess, and Disney. Like the Port of Southampton, the Port of Dover is close enough to London to offer cruise passengers exciting opportunities to explore London.

Accidents on Cruise Ships Docking in England

While passengers aboard cruise ships porting in either the Port of Southampton or the Port of Dover anticipate a wonderful and relaxing holiday, it is possible that an accident or injury could happen during a cruise. In some instances, these injuries result from negligence or errors of omission by the cruise ship company or its employees. Despite boarding or disembarking in England, passengers who wish to bring claims for their injuries are forced to file their lawsuits in Southern Florida.

To bring a successful claim against these major cruise lines, filing in the United States Federal Court in Southern Florida is required regardless of where you board your cruise, your nationality, or the type of injury you suffer. Often, this poses an enormous burden, both financially and logistically, on injured passengers.

First, the requirement comes as a shock to passengers without any connection or ties to Miami, Florida. Second, those passengers find it difficult or confusing to hire lawyers in another country to represent them in court. Third, travel to Miami for a lawsuit is expensive and tiresome for foreign nationals; and fourth, the processes and procedures are intricate and involved for those navigating the court system from a distance. In requiring passengers to bring their lawsuits in this specific venue, major cruise lines rely upon these difficulties as being insurmountable.

Luckily, dedicated personal injury lawyers are available and invested in providing robust representation for injured passengers aboard these major cruise lines. Aronfeld Trial Lawyers have represented individuals against major cruise lines for decades and won. Our law firm understands the complex legal procedures required to hold a cruise line accountable for personal injuries, and is intimately familiar with international maritime law. Most importantly, our firm is dedicated to making sure that all the seemingly insurmountable obstacles to personal injury lawsuits can be overcome.

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