The Consumer Product Safety Commission is finally getting the tools it needs to protect consumers, especially our children. Finally it will have the power to impose sanctions of up to $15 million against manufacturers who insist on using lead in children’s toys.

Lead has been shown to cause irreversible brain damage in children twelve and under who are exposed to even small amounts.
Sure, some small business and charities have complained about complying with the expensive testing requirements that the new measures require. But its a small price to pay to keep our children safe from the hands of largely unregulated manufacturing occurring overseas. I am especially concerned about what is coming out of China.
What the CPSC needs to do now is to create an easily accessible website where parents can check on the safety of our children’s toys.
Aronfeld Trial Lawyers is committed to holding manufactures responsible when they put consumers at risk by putting profits over our safety. Keeping consumers safe is even more challenging in this economy where manufacturers are tempted to cut corners in safety to combat falling sales.
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