As a South Florida medical mistake lawyer, I strongly advise any patient considering an elective procedure to undergo a thorough evaluation by a physician not involved in the potential surgery.

Since financial gains may motivate some doctors to proceed when the risks of a procedure outweigh any potential benefit there is an inherent conflict of interest when surgeons and anesthesiologists are compensated only if a procedure occurs.

Many elective procedures are performed in outpatient or ambulatory surgical centers, outside the safety and restrictions of hospitals. If you are considering an elective procedure, discuss the surgery, the type of anesthesia, and the risks and benefits with your own doctor or a Board Certified Internist.

The American Society of Anesthesiologist has adopted a five category physical status classification system to assess the fitness of a patient before surgery. Unless the surgery is an emergency, our Miami patient rights lawyers suggest that if there are any contra-indications or if the risks out weigh the potential benefits, or if you are a smoker, simply cancel the procedure until such time as your health improves.

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