Florida Fireworks Injuries

fireworks.jpgAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention thousands of people required an emergency room visit as a result of fireworks every year. The National Fire Protection Association reported nearly 10,000.00 fireworks related injuries in 2007.

One of the greatest risks of injury to Floridian involves the sale and use of illegal fireworks. Accordingly, Florida Statutes Section 791.015 requires any manufacturer, distributor or retailer to register annually with the Division of the State Fire Marshall of the Department of Financial Services, before any sale can be made. However, there does not appear to be a link where consumers can verify the registration of retailers, so demand to see proof of registration before you purchase any fireworks this year.

Here are five ways to prevent an injury:

1. Leave the fireworks to professionals. Watch but do not try to do it yourself.

2. Do not allow children under 8 years old to handle sparklers.

3. If you must light your own fireworks, have a operational fire extinguisher on hand.

4. Never set fireworks off near a home, car or any body who is smoking.

5. If injured seek immediate medical care at your nearest emergency room.