As a Florida med mal lawyer I very worried about anyone currently admitted to a Florida hospital or nursing home. Because of the nearly 300 hospitals and 671 nursing homes, no one is inspecting food preparations due to budget-cuts. See HB 5311.

At least the Department of Children & Families is temporarily taking over the inspection of day-care centers, which were also part of the cuts.

Patients with compromised immune systems are the most vulnerable for food-borne illnesses. I know you are busy running for US Senate, Charlie, but I need you to take a minute and fix this problem now.

I think you could immediately do the following:

1. Tax every hospital $1000.00.

2. Tax every nursing home $1000.00
3. Take that nearly $1,000,000.00 and open an office in every county with a full time, inspector.

4. Inspect every facility within the next 30 days. For every failure, fine the offending facility $1,000.00 a day till the problem is fixed.

Hey Charlie, problem solved and you probably save a few lives in time for November’s election. I’ll make sure they know this was your idea and that you should get their vote. Do this, and at least you will have my vote. One more thing, take all the extra money your plan will make the State and pay our teachers more.

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