Our Florida slip and fall law firm is filing a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of two-year-old Emma of North Miami, Florida who was badly injured at Jumping Jelly Beans, an indoor playground in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Just seconds after her mom snapped this photo, Emma fell; severely fracturing her leg.

“I didn’t think it was so bad as it was,” said Nonoska Castallanos, Emma’s mom told CBS News’ Gio Benitez in an interview yesterday.


She had no idea that her daughter’s leg was broken until little Emma wouldn’t stop crying. “I was very desperate. I was very nervous,” said Castallanos. “The most that she went up was two feet.”

It turns out, the manufacturer of that wall, CNYG Toy, says it is designed for children five years of age and up. Emma is only two years old. Her mother says there are no warning signs, so Miami slip and fall attorney Spencer Aronfeld is filing a lawsuit against Jumping Jelly Beans in Hallandale Beach. Attorney Aronfeld sent a hidden camera crew in to look at the wall. He said there were no warning signs.

“And they didn’t have adequate padding there to prevent someone from breaking a bone when they fall,” Spencer Aronfeld told CBS’s Gio Benitez. Jumping Jelly Beans told CBS News that at parents are always responsible for their kids when they go there to play, like in any other playground. How much closer could the mother have been if she was taking this photos?

“I think there’s going to be some people who are going to say blame the mother, blame the mother for the kid being hurt, but it’s not like she abandoned her child and dropped her off at some city park in the middle of nowhere”.

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