Representing the injured is difficult when the potential defendant is a beloved hospital, church or sports celebrity. However, the obligation that I believe our Florida injury law firm has is to our clients, no matter what the consequences might be to my own likeability. I have never represented an accused in a criminal matter, but I feel I have earned a particular insight as to what criminal defense lawyers must experience when they represent an unsavory defendant.

Whether or not you are a celebrity, Florida has some very specific laws as to the obligations of the driver of any vehicle involved in a crash that results in an injury or death, or damage to any vehicle.

Unfortunately, the only means available to understand how a complex car accident occurs often requires the use of subpoena power to obtain information. Witnesses are compelled to appear for depositions and to testify under oath. Medical and toxicology records and inspections of the cars involved in the accidents often can only be obtained once lawyers are retained to investigate and discover the truth. In the end, one hopes to find the answers and hold those responsible for causing damage to others accountable for their negligence.

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