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Ireland Cruise Ship Accidents

Rising Popularity of Irish Cruises

A number of the major cruise companies, including multi-million giant Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, book cruises to the stunning island of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The cruise lines that do not include this European favorite on any itinerary are likely considering adding Ireland; as the country is having record-breaking years for cruise passengers. In the year 2017, Ireland will see upwards of 2 million passengers alight at its passenger ports.

Reasons for Cruise Increase

All the hype is well deserved. Ireland and Northern Ireland are breathtakingly beautiful and the culture of these Celtic rich and historical. In nearly every capacity Ireland excels at the tourism industry. Plus, it is hard to stay blue in a country that is so many shades of green. The cruise lines are truly capitalizing on these many reasons to visit Ireland.

This list of great Ireland’s greatest qualities is incomplete without mentioning the people. Ireland is regularly recognized as one of the friendliest countries in the world. No matter what town you visit, from Dublin to Dingle, people are welcoming and warm.

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Coming By Cruise

Most cruise passengers arrive in Ireland at Cobh, located just outside the city of Cork. Cork is located in southern Ireland and the cruise ships are able to arrive at Cobh via an inlet between ocean and Lough (or Lake) Mahon.

Cork is a great place to experience all the wonderful aspects of Ireland. The people and place have retained many traditions, but the city is filled with reminders of the present day. There are fantastic restaurants, old-time pubs, and live music at every turn.

Injured Aboard a Cruise Ship in Ireland

It is easy to believe that nothing bad would happen in this idyllic setting, but with so many international cruise ships coming to Ireland every day there are certain to be some injuries aboard these passenger boats.

There are a number of hazards on cruise ships that lead to injury or accident. If the injury was the result of carelessness or negligence of the cruise line or operator, the passenger may have a viable personal injury claim. When deserved under the law, such passengers should be successful in obtaining compensation from cruise lines.

However, cruise companies are multinational companies that charter itineraries all over the world for thousands of people a day. Going up against such companies requires a lot of experience and expertise. If you were injured aboard a cruise ship in Ireland, call our office and speak with a lawyer who can take on the cruise companies.

Our firm has experience with lawsuits from cruise accidents originating all over the world. Most of these claims end up in federal court in Miami, where we have practiced for a combined 75 years. This vast amount of experience is in all legal specialties necessary to win personal injury cases for cruise passengers, including personal injury law and maritime law.

To begin conversation and possible representation by our firm, call for a free initial consultation. From the onset, everything is completely confidential. If you think you have a personal injury claim from a cruise accident, contact our office via telephone at 1-866-597-4529, SKYPE, or email at newcase@aronfeld.com.

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