Planning the family vacation for this summer?  We think you ought to consider cruising to Ireland–arguably Europe’s hottest cruise ship destination for 2016. In fact, Ireland is enjoying record-breaking visits from cruise passengers.  According to Cruise Lines International (CLIA), Ireland recorded nearly 2 million passengers last year, breaking the 2014 record by 145,000 with even higher expectations for 2016.

Most major cruise lines advertise itineraries that include Ireland.  RCCL already ports its Anthem of the Seas and the soon-to-be launched largest cruise ship in the world, the Harmony of the Seas, in Ireland. In addition, Princess Cruises and Carnival’s P&O Cruises Britannia currently book cruises to Ireland.

I recently had the pleasure of attending the SeaTrade Cruise Global Conference which attracts some of the biggest names in the cruise ship industry in addition to vendors,maritime injury lawyers, and port authority representatives from around the world.

Speaking recently at SeaTrade Global, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Tony McAuley, Business Development Executive for Belfast Harbour, spoke enthusiastically about how Ireland has quickly become a major cruise ship destination for passengers from all over the world. The epicenter of Ireland’s excitement is the Port of Cobh in the County of Cork, the largest and most-visited cruise line port in Ireland.

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Cobh is the only port in Ireland to feature a dedicated passenger cruise ship terminal, accommodating over 100,000 cruise passengers each year in a welcoming and walkable port town filled with old-fashioned pubs and great restaurants. For many cruise passengers, Cobh will provide a savory first taste of this magnificent country.

The plentiful exciting attractions in Cobh for passengers to enjoy include the Titanic Experience and Titanic Trail walking tour, which may seem like odd places to visit while on a cruise. Visitors can actually purchase a ticket from the same White Star Line ticket booth that sold the remaining 123 passengers their tickets for the ill-fated voyage. This is as close as one can get to experiencing what traveling on the Titanic must have felt like until the new Titanic II is finally built.

The less adventurous might enjoy a visit to the Beamish Brewery, which beer connoisseurs claim actually brews better beer than Guinness. Famous for its thick frothy head, Beamish is served warmer than most beers. The company provides tours of its historic brewery daily. Visitors can also simply enjoy a stroll through Cork’s historic English Market, located in Cork City Center. The market area is alive with activity and filled with bakeries, coffee shops, and restaurants serving traditional Irish food.

With all that Ireland has to offer, its greatest attraction has to be its people, who speak with an unmistakable rich brogue. “Genuine,” “friendly,” and “happy to have cruise ship tourists visit from around the world,” are common descriptions of the Irish I have heard from people who have visited Ireland.

We strongly recommend that you include Ireland on your cruise this summer. Tell us what you think in the comments below and share pictures of your cruise. Check back on  our blog to learn about some other important cruise ship news and recommendations.


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