John O’Quinn-Rest in Peace Great lawyer and friend dead at 68 years old

The entire legal community lost a truly remarkable and talented lawyer last week. John O’Quinn was 68 years old when he apparently lost control of his truck on a rain slicked Houston highway.

I had the privilege of meeting John at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College about ten years ago. He was especially kind to me and invited me one night along with my friend Arlan Cohen to dinner.

John gave me a lot of advice in how to prepare cases for trial and to restructure my law firm. He invited me many times to visit him in Houston and I regret that I never accepted the offer.

A few years ago I happened to bump into him in the gift shop of a hotel in the Bahamas. He looked fantastic and took some time to speak to me, encourage me and remind me of my responsibility to my clients. To say John was passionate about being a lawyer would be a complete understatement. When John discussed the law, he would light up. He would fire up and you could feel the heat radiate off of him.

I liked him very much and am grateful that I had a chance to have him in my life. His influence remains with me and I will continue to quote him in my speeches to clients and lawyers. Rest in peace John.