Knauf Plasterboard Out of Chinese Drywall Trial-The Day Before it Starts

The Chinese company providing the defense at the trial drops out the day before the trial was set to start in New Orleans. Federal Judge Fallon will proceed with the case, but without the Chinese manufacturer Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin Ltd. Co. also known as KPT.

KPT, had been the intervening manufacturer on behalf of Chinese-government-owned Taishan Gypsum Co., which has been missing-in-action since the beginning of the case. So it looks like there will be no defense, no cross-examination and no defense witnesses.

KPT said it was pulling out over Judge Fallon’s rulings on an air-filtration system the company offered as an alternative to removing the tainted drywall.

So what is the proper procedure for fixing tainted homes? So far both federal and state agencies investigating the issue have no answer. Judge Fallon intends to take scientific testimony and evidence he will use to issue a ruling to decide what is appropriate.

Stay tuned as Judge Fallon’s courtroom will become as labratory to decide how thousands of homeowners and tenants will find justice.