Got it give it our Patricia Sequeira.

She helped produced the best newsletter we have ever done. She is part graphic designer part amazing.

This months article discusses why we think people should hire a PI lawyer before they ever need one. We look at some of our team’s accomplishments for the month as well as benefit from the wisdom of Candace Grossman’s life lessons found in Candy’s Corner.

Feeling left out and want a copy of the latest issue? Just email Patricia Sequeira at [email protected] and she can not only send you the May issue, she can subscribe you for free to receive the issues each month. She also has the links to the archived issues, if you want to review what we have done in the past.

You will see, the increased quality since Patty became our Editor in Chief.

I hope you will enjoy reading it and if you do not for whatever reason, be sure to let us know.

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