As a South Florida broken hip implant lawyer and as the son of a mother who just underwent hip implant surgery there are a number of important things every patient and their family should know.

First determine the kind of implant being used. The DePuy Pinnacle hip implant known as the DePuy Pinnacle Acetabular Cup System has been determined to be defective. It was improperly designed, manufactured and the company did not properly warn patients that there was a serious risk for complications and problems. Many of the DePuy hip recipients required additional surgery and hip replacements.

Many of the lawsuits filed alleged that Johnson and Johnson has been aware of the problems for years and that a DePuy Pinnacle product recall should have occurred years ago.

Johnson and Johnson is also facing lawsuits from many patients who received DePuy ASR hip replacement systems. The DePuy ASR implant has been known to fail at a much higher rate compared to similar products. The problem stems from the DePuy metal-on-metal system.

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons issued a statement warning doctors about the problems with metal-on-metal hip replacement systems, like DePuy. Further information can also be found on the FDA’s Medical Device Recall website.

If you or your parent is facing a hip implant procedure, our Delray Florida dangerous hip implant attorneys strongly recommend that you find out what specific system is being used and do not undergo a procedure utilizing a DePuy Pinnacle Hip implant or the DePuy ASR implant.

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