On December 18, 2010 come meet Miami personal injury lawyer Spencer Aronfeld the author of Sara Rose, Kid Lawyer America’s newest super-hero, a tenacious fourth-grader girl who likes to argue. She argues with her parents, teachers, friends and little brother, Nory.

One day, her teacher tells her that when she grows up she would make a great lawyer. Before too long, Sara Rose ends up finding herself involved in a real case representing her class in front of the school board. Along the way, Sara Rose learns what lawyers do, who the famous lawyers are in history and how to become a real lawyer when she does grow up. attorney Spencer Aronfeld’s Sara Rose, Kid Lawyer is an empowering and educational book that is fun to read for any kid thinking of a becoming a lawyer.

5:30pm at Books and Books in Coral Gables. Complimentary food and wine provided by the Dade County Bar Association and Lawyers to the Rescue.