When the Deep Horizon burned and sank last week, it left 11 dead and an open oil well on the ocean floor.  The oil slick is moving towards the Louisiana coast and is looking to be one of the biggest environmental disasters in history.

This disaster threatens wildlife and the thousands of our citizens who depend on shrimp, oyster and fish breeding to support themselves and their families.  At first blush it appears that this is the result of negligence and corporate greed, with my government turning a blind eye to how our earth’s resources are extracted.  BP and Transocean, Ltd. will have more than just some explaining to do.

As a trial lawyer and one who cares deeply about our environment, I wanted to respond in the only way I know how.   When Haiti and Chile suffered their earthquakes, I did not know what to do as a lawyer other than to raise and send money.  I did.

But here, my skills as a trial lawyer might come in handy.  I just arrived in New Orleans and write this as I await my friend and partner Dr. Shezad Malik from Dallas, Texas.  We intend to roll up our sleeves and unpack our briefcases to see how and where we can be of help.  For information as to how you can help or if you are being affected by this, call me at: 305.441.0440

We are going to help those devastated with protecting their rights and getting their lives back on track. As Chris Akers says, “we are boots on the ground”.   Stay tuned.

Stay tuned.

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