This last week I spent in Buras, Louisiana. It was perhaps the most rewarding of my legal career.

Yet, at the same time probably the most frustrating. Lawyers are fighting lawyers, charities are fighting charities and all the while the Vietnamese, Cambodian and American (I dislike the distinction since they are all American) fisherman starve and BP just sits back and waits.

I have seen the best and worse of our species in the last week. I will say that some local politicians like Parish President Billy Nungesser and Linda Banta are working hard to help, while some others on a national level seemed like they did not want to be bothered.

I am pleased to return to Plaquemines Parish to continue to help those in need.

Yes, I am a lawyer. And I know that is a title of dubious distinction in some parts of Plaquemines Parish, but I am proud of it. My journey was not alone. I had the guidance of a lovely Vietnamese family who asked for my help and a Cambodian fisher woman. And of course, Dr. Shezad Malik of Dallas, who called me in the first place.

I have posted a number of videos of the week on my You Tube Channel ARONFELD.TV

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