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Parking Lot Injuries

Florida law requires business owners and operators to maintain a safe parking lot for their customers. This means that the surface has to be reasonably clean, well maintained, properly lit and inspected regularly.

Often, Florida’s larger retailers like CVS or Walgreens will lease their property from commercial landlords. Florida’s courts have held that the tenant (CVS or Walgreens) has a legal obligation to maintain the parking lot, even if they are contractually not responsible for the maintenance or inspection, if they invite their customers to use the parking lot.

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Parking lots are often the location of serious falls due to poor maintenance or hidden defects like potholes, gravel or debris. We have represented injured customers across the State of Florida who have been hurt due to inadequate maintenance, inspection or repair of parking lots or parking garages.

To properly investigate these types of injury cases our office often relies on a team of experts including engineers, architects and lighting experts to determine the extent of liability.

If you have been injured in a parking lot or garage, contact our Florida parking lot injury attorneys for an immediate evaluation of your potential claim.

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