Passengers on Carnival’s Triumph may be home but their legal battles are just beginning. 4,200 people aboard the cruise ship were dragged across the Gulf of Mexico when a fire disabled all sources of power and water. We have filed the first law suit against Carnival on behalf of a passenger who has suffered a personal injury.

Passengers were left literally in the dark without access to functioning toilets or lighting. Raw sewage flowed in and out of staterooms as the boat was towed to Mobile, Alabama. For passengers who had staterooms without access a balcony the experience was pure torture.

In its typical response, Carnival offered passengers $500 and a free cruise. Our Triumph claims lawyers were the first to file a law suit against Carnival on behalf of Lisa Williams from Houston, Texas. Due to the lack of water, Ms. Williams became severely dehydrated and bruised. Since returning back to dry land, she has received intravenous fluids and has made to visits to a local urgent care.

Rather than taking the ship back to Mexico and flying passengers home in chartered jets; Carnival made the decision to slowly tug the boat to Alabama. This is simply unacceptable. We are determined to make sure that this never happens to any other cruise passenger again.

Most cruise lines, like Carnival, mandate that passenger injury claims be filed in the Southern District of Florida. This can be both expensive and complicated for many passengers. Lawsuits also have to be filed within one year of the date of injury. Read our complaint here.

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