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Miami Beach: Drunk Driving Dangers

Miami Beach is one of Florida’s main attractions. According to the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, or GMCVB, Miami Beach is responsible for bringing in 24.2 million tourists in 2019. Whether you are drawn to the sunny beaches who’s Art Deco hotels and storefronts meet the Atlantic Ocean, or you are interested in the historically energetic nightlife, Miami Beach has much to offer for adult tourists looking for a good time. This hedonistic reality comes with a cost, however, as many who visit Miami Beach end up driving their cars inebriated from local bars and nightclubs, making the streets particularly dangerous for other cars, pedestrians and locals, as well as for themselves.

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Miami tourists come from across the world. Most national tourists visiting Miami Beach are either from Atlanta and New York City, typically during holiday weekends such as Memorial weekend or of course Spring Break. Avvo called Miami Beach the 10th most dangerous Spring Break destination in the world. 

10.4 % of automotive deaths in Miami Dade are alcohol related, and 3.2 % of all arrests in Miami Beach are DUIs. According to South Miami Recovery and Capital One, Florida is the 9th most dangerous state to drive with a 12.4 % alcohol related fatality rate. 

Because of the late night culture in Miami Beach, the high traffic the city brings, and the complicated roadways, constant construction, and relatively high pedestrian presence, Miami Beach is a generally complicated place to drive. This complexity matched with intoxication makes for a dangerous combination which has taken the lives of thousands of drivers.

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Involved In a Miami Beach Alcohol-Related Accident?

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The blood-alcohol concentration legal limit is .08 %, however many drivers may be unaware of the amount which they drank or believe they are able to drive safely with alcohol in their system. This overconfidence, ignorance, and negligence puts every other driver on the road in serious danger. If you have been involved in an alcohol-related accident on the road in Miami Beach, you might be entitled to compensation with the help of our experienced team of lawyers. We have been suing negligent drunk drivers and business operators who jeopardize the safety of the surrounding traffic by exceeding, or allowing patrons to exceed, the .08% BAC limit which has led to countless wrongful death cases. Contact our offices today to see how we can begin bringing you and your family justice. 


Tender Boat Accidents

Getting on and off tender boats can be extremely dangerous and passengers have been known to be seriously injured if the tender is not properly stabilized or secured to the ship or dock.

Death On The High Seas

Our cruise ship injury lawyers are well versed in federal maritime laws that regulate the death of a passenger due to the negligence of the cruise line.

Cruise Ship Injury Tips

Our maritime injury attorneys recommend the following tips to follow if you’ve been injured on a cruise ship.

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Yes. You could sue a cruise ship if you were a victim of a cruise ship accident, medical negligence on the ship, or an excursion accident.

If you have been injured on a cruise ship, you must file the claim at the cruise ship’s headquarters. Since your injury could have occurred in international waters, maritime laws may apply to the case. You can take the help of attorneys who focus on cruise ship accidents and have an in-depth understanding of maritime law to help you with your case. You typically have one year to file the claim.

The first thing you should do when you get hurt on a cruise is to report your injury and accident. You can go to the medical office and submit an accident report or visit the Purser’s desk. Your report will automatically trigger an investigation. If you feel you have been injured due to the cruise ship’s fault, report it immediately. Note the incident history and insist the company follows the standard procedures to investigate the issue. Then, contact a maritime personal injury attorney to help you with your claim.