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What Are AirBnBs?

 AirBnB is a vacation rental company which was founded in 2008 by CEOs Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk, and Joe Gebbia. AirBnB is the leading platform for finding rental spaces like apartments, condos and houses across the world. According to ComfyLiving and Statistica, AirBnB is active and used in over 220 countries and regions of the world, with over 7 million current listings, making it one of the most globally widespread services. The United States is the biggest user of AirBnB, with around 1 million listings spread throughout the country.

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From cabins in distant forests, to apartments in cities like Miami, New York, Las Angeles, Paris, London and others, AirBnB can provide travelers with residences in the most exciting and beautiful parts of the world, and empowers explorers with endless possibilities. The service of AirBnB has expedited and encouraged the traveling process for everybody, and made the search for housing, a usually stressful and expensive experience, simple and intuitive. 

AirBnB can bring people into homes, living situations, and spaces they are unfamiliar with, which can sometimes pose dangers on a number of levels on behalf of the hosts. The most common types of AirBnB incidents are:

What to do If Injured at an AirBnB?

If you or somebody you know suffers an injury while staying at an AirBnB, you might be facing thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages from work. Injuries at AirBnBs are both common and sometimes complicated legal issues.

The first thing you should do if injured at an AirBnB, whether it was a burn, fall, or dog bite, is seek the proper medical care as soon as possible to make sure you can recover. The next step you should do is reach out to our office. With decades of combined experience advocating for those injured at AirBnBs, we will be able to provide expert advice or potentially fight for your case. Injuries at AirBnBs can be both the fault of the host, as well as the AirBnB corporation themselves, who have a responsibility to ensure the homes listed on their site are safe, clean, and hospitable environments for their guests. 

AirBnB has given many travelers alternative housing options as opposed to the conventional ones like Hotels, Hostels and Motels; but this does not mean your injury is any less important and legally pursuable in a court of law. Contact our office today to see how we can help bring you justice for your AirBnB accident.  Our personal injury lawyers in Miami represent victims of AirBnB accidents across the State of Florida and throughout the United States.

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Tender Boat Accidents

Getting on and off tender boats can be extremely dangerous and passengers have been known to be seriously injured if the tender is not properly stabilized or secured to the ship or dock.

Death On The High Seas

Our cruise ship injury lawyers are well versed in federal maritime laws that regulate the death of a passenger due to the negligence of the cruise line.

Cruise Ship Injury Tips

Our maritime injury attorneys recommend the following tips to follow if you’ve been injured on a cruise ship.

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We have obtained millions of dollars in compensation for injured cruise ship passengers. We are constantly filing lawsuits against Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity and other cruise lines around the world in Federal Court. Since 1991, our law firm has helped injured passengers hold the cruise lines accountable. We work hard to get our clients compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering. The cruise lines are part of multi-billion dollar industry and employ the most aggressive and experienced maritime lawyers–which is why you need experienced legal counsel on your side too. Call Spencer Aronfeld today, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer.