As a Florida school bus injury attorney, I was saddened to read in today’s Miami Herald of yet another tragic school bus crash. School buses arguably transport the most precious members of our communities, yet, these vehicles have virtually none of the modern safety devices required in cars. Why?

One reason may be that the NHTSA recommended in a report to Congress that costs and drawbacks of requiring seat belts in school buses outweigh any benefit wearing belts might have. That is just insane. In fact, by not requiring school buses to have seat-belts we are teaching our children that seat-belts are really not necessary.

I believe school buses should be required to have the the following:

1. Seat-belts with both shoulder and lap harnesses
2. Booster Seats
3. Airbags
4. Crash worthiness commensurate with any other passenger vehicle

At Aronfeld Trial Lawyers we are passionate about the safety of children and believe no child should ever be injured again because the “costs outweigh the value of safety”.

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