Thousands of Americans have been implanted with Rejuvenate artificial hips made by Stryker. Many have experienced severe pain, fluid build up and swelling . When Styker’s Rejuvenate hip implant was first approved, it was touted as an improvement over traditional artificial hips because of its modular design. Stryker promised doctors and patients that these new implants would fit better, be easier to install and create less problems. Unfortunately, that was not true.


The Rejuvenate uses a ball and socket design. When these components rub against each other microscopic metallic particles are dislodged into the soft tissue. Once absorbed, these particles can cause heavy metal poisoning, pseudo tumors and bone destruction.

On July 6, 2012 Stryker voluntarily recalled their Rejuvanate and ABG II modular-neck stem hips due to “fretting and or corrosion.” Sadly, for many of our clients, this came too late; as all of our Rejuvenate clients received their implants before the recall.

Thousands of patients across the country are now facing complicated revision surgery to remove or modify the defective components. Revision surgeries can be more difficult and dangerous for patients than the initial implantation. Our Florida law firm is focusing on hip replacement cases.

If you have an artificial hip and are experiencing inflammation, popping and squeaking noises, pain, swelling or an increase in the cobalt and chromium levels in your blood, you may be entitled to make a claim and receive money compensation. Currently we are investigating a number of claims against Stryker, Smith and Nephew and De Puy.

I believe that Styker injury victims are entitled to money for pain and suffering, additional medical expenses, lost wages and emotional distress. Stryker has already agreed to pay “out of pocket costs for testing, treatment and revision surgery.”

I suggest you call your surgeon immediately to evaluate how your total hip replacement is functioning and determine if you need additional testing. I also recommend that you contact our personal injury law office for a free and confidential evaluation of your legal rights.