Once in a while, its good to stop and smell the coffee.

With Victoria’s sudden and unexpected resignation last week, Patty, Erica, Candace, and Jeff have all stepped up and into filling her shoes so that the office and most importantly our client’s cases do not skip a beat.

Everyone is demonstrating team spirit by playing positions in our personal injury law firm, that are not normally what they would do. For instance our Client Care Specialist, Candace Grossman is now screening initial medical malpractice and car accident case calls. Patricia Sequiera, our Director of Public Relations, just scheduled a mediation for our client who suffered a bed sore injury while recovering at a Fort Lauderdale hospital following orthopaedic surgery. Jeffrey Adler our office administrator, helped us get a law suit filed yesterday against Armstrong Toyota for unfair and deceptive trade practices. Today I am covering a deposition of an eye witness for Bruce Shemrock on the Freland v. Marriott case, that involves a client who slipped and fell at the Marriott Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. This will allow Bruce to work on a traumatic brain injury case here in the office. This morning Lennon Kruas took the deposition of neurosurgeon Dr. Steven Gelbard in a medical malpractice case that is set for trial in next month.

We are busy for sure and its only Thursday.I am tremulously grateful for having a team that is willing to play in both good times and bad. We are interviewing and hope to have an announcement soon on our newest staff member.

We are closing the office on Memorial Day so that the entire team can refuel and relax.

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