What Can Law School Graduates Do To Get An Interview?

Our Florida hip implant injury law firm receives several unsolicited resumes a week from recent law school graduates applying for positions at our South Florida personal injury law office.

Getting your resume into the right hands has never been more of a challenge than in today’s current job market. If you blindly mass send your resume to a number of law firms, you will be lucky to get your resume past whomever they entrust to sort their junk mail from pleadings.

Today, the best way to get your resume into the right hand starts with figuring out where and how you would be the best fit for the potential employer. This starts with a long, hard look in the mirror and some hard-answered question. Ask yourself if you really, truly want to be a lawyer, and if so what kind. Like most recent law school grads, you probably know very few real lawyers, if any. So, meeting real lawyers is the first step and the sooner that starts the better.

In my book, “Make It Your Own Law Firm. The Ultimate Law Student’s Guide to Owning, Managing and Marketing Your Own Successful Law Firm” I provide a detailed road map as to how to acquire and keep meaningful contacts that can and should become your mentors once you graduate.

The bottom line is you have to meet lawyers. Take a look at your state’s bar journal or your city’s or town’s local bar association web site and find events that you can attend now. Most have weekly or monthly luncheons, meetings or cocktail parties that you can attend for little to nothing as a law student or recent graduate.

Lawyers to the Rescue is another excellent way for law students to meet and work with lawyers. Lawyers to the Rescue is a non-denominational humanitarian organization created by lawyers committed to bringing legal assistance and humanitarian support to people around the world in times of crisis–regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

I believe one should create the relationship first with the potential employer and the interview will surely follow.