A woman who was injured in a crash on a South Florida expressway has plans to sue the state.

“It’s ruined. My leg is ruined, and it’s very embarrassing. Why did this have to happen to me?” said Melvina Durden.

Last year, on July 11, barriers were put up for the first time on Interstate 95 to designate express lanes from Downtown Miami north toward the Golden Glades Interchange. Many cars darted in and out of the lanes through barriers that were set up too far apart, which caused several accidents.

Durden happened to be a passenger in one of those cars that darted through the barriers and the car wound up flipping over. “My scars. Look at me. I’m disfigured,” she said.

Durden believes that the state is at fault. “No one knew how long those barriers went on. She could’ve thought that she was going to be stuck in that lane all the way to Tallahassee,” said Spencer Aronfeld. “They were trying to pickup her child, and the lane barriers were separated enough so that one would think that you could escape this. That was a huge problem.”

The barriers were eventually moved closer together, but Durden was left with fractures up and down her leg. She has limited use of her leg and cannot stand on her feet for more than three hours. This single mother of four has also lost her job and cannot work due to her injuries.

Her attorney has notified the state that they will be suing. “They should’ve had warning signs up. You took something away from me that I can’t replace: my ability to move around and do things I used to do,” said Durden.

Durden said she recognizes her life will never be the same. It is very difficult to sue the state, but we took this case because it’s important, and we believe there are more victims out there who will sue the state as well.

Woman plans to sue state over I-95 express lanes

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