We have joined forces with Doctor/lawyer Shezad Malik in representing South Florida women injured by the birth-control pill Yaz. Doctors say it’s the No. 1 selling birth control on the market right now, but thousands, are filing lawsuits claiming YAZ and Yasmin birth control have casued strokes and some have died.

Bayer Pharmaceuticals makes the drug. According to Dr. Malk: “A lot of the touted benefits of YAZ and Yasmin are attributable to the actions of drospirenone”

Drospirenone, a female hormone, is a synthetic progestin. YAZ and Yasmin are the only commercially available contraceptives that contain it. Two studies in the British Medical Journal now question the safety of drospirenone.

Here is Bayer’s most recent label update.

We are committed to representing injured victims against pharmaceutical giants who put profit over the safety of consumers.

Pictured here is Dallas medical malpractice attorney and physician Shezad Malik and Miami drug defect attorney Spencer Aronfeld.

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