Royal Caribbean’s Next-Gen Cruise Ship Will Have the Largest Water Park at Sea

Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas is set to debut in early 2024 and will be the largest cruise ship in the world! Onboard the new ship, passengers will be able to experience the world’s largest water park at sea: Thrill Island.

Thrill Island is an immersive experience for passengers, that is themed after a lost island. Details include distressed wood, a sunken boat, and even small artifacts left from prior explorers.

At 17,010 square feet, Icon of the Seas will have six record breaking slides onboard, including the first family raft slides at sea: Storm Surge and Hurricane Hunter. Groups of four can ride together and boomerang off of a lotus leaf while taking in incredible ocean views.

There will also be Pressure Drop, the first open free fall slide at sea. Passengers will have to gain the courage to push themselves over the edge! While overlooking a 45-degree angle drop, this ride is for thrill seekers.

Also, on Thrill Island is the Frightening Bold. With a 46-foot drop and 360-degree loop, it will be the tallest waterslide at sea that will begin with you inside of a capsule waiting for the trap door to release.  If you are looking for some friendly competition, there are Storm Chasers, the first duo mat-racing slides at sea.

Crown’s Edge is a fear-inducing adventure course that’s about 49 feet tall and 44 feet wide. It combines a ropes course, skywalk, and thrill ride into one jaw-dropping experience. You will step out onto a ledge that hangs 154 feet above the ocean right by the infamous Royal Caribbean crown and anchor. The walkway will stop, and you will be left admiring the ocean views until the trap door releases, sending you on a short glide right back where you began.

Headquartered in Miami, FL, Royal Caribbean has been leading the cruise ship industry with technological innovation, record-breaking tonnage, and the endless optimization of their onboard entertainment and vacation itinerary.

The Reality with Larger Ships:

With ships as large as cities, passengers, isolated at sea, are subject to the same dangers that general urban living provides but on a much more concentrated level. Thousands of passengers every year sustain Injuries on cruise ships, regardless of the cruise line or the destination. What happens once you are injured, however, is largely dependent on which ship you chose to take.

When Icon of the Seas debuts in early 2024, she will be the largest cruise ship in the world, weighing 250,800 gross tons with the capacity to carry nearly 10,000 passengers and crew members. The greater the capacity of a ship, the more RCCL can increase profits. By offering these attractions, cruise lines open themselves up to new liability in the event a passenger is injured while enjoying these new thrill rides and excursions. This pursuit of increased profit leads to increased negligence and endangerment for the passengers on board their ships. The lawyers at Aronfeld Trial Lawyers regularly represent individuals who have been injured while on a cruise attraction or excursion.

If you have been Injured on board an RCCL ship, your lawsuit claim must be filed in Federal Court in Miami, no matter where around the world you fell.


Aronfeld Trial Lawyers is a personal injury firm located in Miami, Florida since 1991.  We have fought hard to hold cruise lines accountable when they put their profits ahead of passenger safety.  We are available 24/7 and encourage you to contact us even if you are still on your cruise. The sooner we can begin our investigation and preservation of key evidence, such as the CCTV footage of your trip and fall, slip and fall, assault, or other type of injury the more likely we will be able to understand and prove how the incident occurred. Remember, the cruise lines have the most aggressive and well-funded defense lawyers in the world- protecting their profits.  You need an experienced legal advocate in your corner who will fight to obtain the compensation you deserve for lost wages, medical expenses, transportation reimbursement and pain and suffering.  Call us today and speak with a cruise ship claims lawyer about your potential claim- toll free 1-866-597-4529305-441-0440, or by email. We are ready to help.


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