Jet Ski Accident Injuries

Are Jet Skis Really That Dangerous?

The answer is absolutely yes. Jet Ski accidents take place all around the world on a daily basis, and are often extremely life threatening or fatal. Although jet ski accidents are not always documented and statistically underrepresented, the U.S Coast Guard announced that over 700 happened in 2019 in the United States alone, and that around 40 deaths took place within those accidents; that means over 5% of jet ski accidents are completely fatal. Although they might seem like a fun diversion while on vacation or beachgoing, it is not uncommon for jet ski rental companies to have poorly maintained jet skis with few safety plans in place given the high chance of accidents occurring. Furthermore, most people who rent jet skis on vacation typically have very little experience riding them, which can make the possibility for injury much higher. 

What About Jet Skiing On A Cruise Ship Vacation?

One of the most common contexts for jet ski accidents are during cruise ship vacations. Whether you’re exploring the Caribbean or cruising through the Mediterranean, jet skis are a common off-ship excursion for passengers across the major cruise lines including Carnival, Royal Caribbean, MSC, Princess Cruises, Disney Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines, etc. This means that many of the annual jet ski accidents that take place occur with passengers on cruise ship vacations, and this can definitely complicate the situation further. 

The Cruise line you are vacationing with has a responsibility to ensure the safety of their passengers who are on and off the ship. This means that if you get injured on an off-ship jet ski excursion, you can not only hold the renters accountable, but also the cruise line for negligently putting you in the hands of an unsafe Jet Ski rental company. In the case of private-island destinations, like the Caribbean islands owned by major cruise lines such as Half Moon Cay owned by Carnival in the Bahamas, the rental companies are often owned and managed by the cruise lines themselves. 

Factors that contribute to jet ski accidents on cruise ships:

  1. Inadequate Safety Briefings: Cruise lines have a duty to provide passengers with comprehensive safety briefings before engaging in any water-based activities. This includes proper instruction on operating a jet ski, understanding the rules of the waterways, and recognizing potential hazards. Failure to provide these essential safety briefings can result in accidents and injuries.
  2. Insufficient Equipment Maintenance: Regular maintenance and inspections of jet skis are crucial to ensure their proper functioning. Cruise lines must have a rigorous maintenance program in place to identify and address any mechanical issues promptly. Neglecting maintenance can lead to equipment malfunctions, increasing the risk of accidents.
  3. Inadequate Staff Training: Cruise ship personnel responsible for managing jet ski rentals should be adequately trained in both operating the equipment and enforcing safety protocols. A lack of training can contribute to accidents caused by inexperienced or reckless operators.
  4. Failure to Enforce Safety Regulations: Cruise lines must enforce strict safety regulations to protect passengers. This includes implementing speed limits, providing clear demarcations for safe jet skiing areas, and closely monitoring the activities to prevent collisions or other accidents. Negligent enforcement or a lack of supervision can result in serious injuries.
  5. Negligent Hiring of Third-Party Operators: Some cruise lines contract with third-party companies to manage their jet ski rentals. However, if these operators fail to meet safety standards or employ unqualified staff, the cruise line may still be held liable for accidents that occur as a result of their negligence in selecting reliable partners.

What Should I Do If I Am Injured Riding A Jet Ski?

If you or somebody you know is injured riding a jet ski, you should first seek appropriate medical care. As aforementioned, jet ski incidents are serious and dangerous, and the first priority is to make sure you are medically cared for, even if you think you have not suffered a bad injury. The second step you should take is to have somebody photograph the jet ski, and other relevant things that contributed to your accident taking place; such as the faulty equipment, the careless staff, or the poorly maintained facilities. Thirdly, you should contact our team of experienced personal injury attorneys so we can begin investigating your claim. Our lawyers have given injured passengers and victims of negligence advice for decades, and have successfully held major cruise lines and jet ski rental companies accountable for their recklessness and negligence. 

Most cruise lines require you file your lawsuit in federal court in Miami, FL, regardless of wherever in the world the injury took place. Aronfeld Trial Lawyers is located a short drive from the Federal Courthouse of Miami where maritime cases are held. We are also near the port of Miami, which happens to be the busiest cruise ship port in the world. 

Contact our offices today so we can begin the fight for you. 

Why Aronfeld Trial Lawyers?

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