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With penguin-filled beaches, wildlife safaris, and sprawling mountain ranges, the beautiful country of South Africa is quickly becoming one of the hottest cruise ship destinations in the world. Cruise Lines as big as Norwegian, Oceania, Princess, and MSC all already provide vacations to South Africa and surrounding African nations. With a mostly english-speaking population, South Africa is an easy African nation for American and European tourists to navigate and explore. Cities like Capetown, Johannesburg, and the Cape of Good Hope are some of the more popular destinations for South Africa-bound cruise ship vacations.

The Cruise Ship Ports of South Africa:

Each cruise ship port in South Africa can provide a unique experience with different cultures and wildlife to see. The seven main ports that you would likely visit if cruising to South Africa include The Cape of Good Hope, Capetown, Durban, East London, Mossel Bay, Port Elizabeth, and Richards Bay: 

The port of Capetown is one of South Africa’s three official capital cities, and is one of the most important trade and cruise ship ports in the country. The port of Capetown is situated in Table Bay, named after the famous Table Mountain, an iconic plateau that overlooks the city. 

The Cape of Good Hope is a historic and fascinating vacation destination filled with endless cultural and wildlife treasures. Located on the west of South Africa, The Cape of Good Hope marks the point where the Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific oceans meet, thus creating a wondrous marine environment filled with magical creature sightings of whales, dolphins, and penguins.

The Port of Durban is South Africa’s largest commercial vessel port, and recipient of the highest sea traffic. The port of Durban, or Durban’s Harbor, handles over 30 million tons of cargo annually (TNPA, 2022), and is located in the city of Durban, in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal Province.

The East London Port faces the Indian Ocean, and can be found on the east coast. The East London Port is a fantastic place to book a cruise as it is a river port, connected to the long and winding Buffalo River which pours into the Bridle Drift Nature Reserve. 

cape town south africa cruise port

Mossel Bay Port is another fantastic place for cruising with beautiful beaches and safaris all in one destination. Mossel Bay is a small town located in the western cape peninsula of South Africa, near both the Cape of Good Hope and the city of Capetown. Mossel Bay is a perfect stop on the ‘Garden Route’, the 300+ Mile coast route used by visitors to explore and discover the best of what South African tourism has to offer. 

Port Elizabeth, or Gqberha, is another massive destination for cruise ships visiting South Africa. Only a short drive from Kragga Kamma, one of South Africa’s largest game reserves home to Rhinos, Elephants and Giraffes, Port Elizabeth is a must see. There is also a famous whale watching community in Port Elizabeth that alone brings in tens of thousands of tourists a year. 

Richards Bay is Africa’s deepest natural harbor, with a breathtaking hilly landscape dotted by lakes and marshes. Richards Bay has a historic water-sport community of surfers and sailors, and a beautiful town of 50,000 residents. If South Africa is on your vacation list, try not to miss Richards Bay. 

Cruising to South Africa:

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While there is truth in the fact that South Africa has higher crime rates than your average European Cruise ship destination, the government of South Africa recently reinforced the South African Tourism Police Organization, making travel to and around the ports listed above much safer than before. That being said, if you do travel to South Africa you should try your best to avoid straying far from the port or city your ship has docked in, with the possibility of getting lost or encountering unsafe situations a higher risk the more you stray. Ultimately, however, South Africa is a blossoming cruise ship destination with years of tourism and a beautiful culture which values hospitality and kindness to all guests of the country.

There are many factors that present themselves when an unfortunate injury takes place on a cruise. 

The very first thing that we recommend passengers do is make sure you receive the proper medical treatment for your injury. 

Secondly, you should try and make sure that the area and reasoning for your injury is well documented by a friend or family member, either by taking pictures or reporting it to the cruise ship crew. Cruise lines often try their best to make it seem as though an incident never occurred, so it is oftentimes the responsibility of the passenger to make sure that your incident is reported and understood cohesively. 

Thirdly, we recommend that before signing any documents handed to you by the Cruise line, you try to speak with an attorney about your case to see how you can appropriately handle the future of your claim. Right after an incident, it is likely that crew members will provide you with contracts and documents which might include agreements you are unaware of. These documents are often designed to interfere with the possibility of justice, so it is important to try and stay calm and avoid signing things you do not have to. 


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