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Port Everglades is located in Broward county, Florida near Fort Lauderdale. It is currently the third largest cruise ship port in the world. It has more homeported cruise ships than any other port, with an estimate succeeding 4 million passengers a year.

One of the most interesting things about Port Everglades is that it is the home port for four of the largest cruise ship passenger ships in the entire world: Royal Caribbean Oasis Class Ships. This is particularly interesting because Royal Caribbean‘s corporate offices are not in Port Everglades but rather about an hour south in Miami.  Currently, Port Everglades is the homeport for the Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, Harmony of the Seas, and Royal Caribbean‘s newest ship the Wonder of the Seas.  

Many consider Port Everglades to be the best US homeport and that may be because of its ability to process more passengers per day than any other port in the world. In fact, in 2019, Port Everglades set a world record for cruise ship passengers processing 55,964 passengers in and out of Port Everglades in a single day. Cruise lines and cruise ships that contributed to Port Everglades’ record-breaking day include Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas and Allure of the Seas, along with the Carnival Magic, the Celebrity Edge, the Holland America Euro Dam, and new Statendam, the Regal Princess and Sky Princess and Valeria Caribbean which is a daily ferry.

Along with Port of Miami, Port Canaveral and Port Everglades remain one of the cruise industry’s largest and busiest cruise destinations. When departing on a cruise from Port Everglades, the local condominium owners that line the shore often will stand on their balconies and cheer bells and blow horns. This is commonly referred to as the “condo salute cause.”

Accidents on cruises leaving from Port Everglades

All major cruise lines that use Port Everglades as either a home port or a port of call, require that their passengers who get injured on cruises leaving from Port Everglades initiate claims within one year of the date of the incident. Many of these cruise lines will require written notice in advance of the claim being filed.

It is vitally important that the claim be filed within the prescribed one-year time limit in the Federal District Courthouse in Miami. If the claim is filed in the wrong court or outside of the one your time limit, it will be dismissed and the passenger will receive no compensation for their injuries.  

Our port Everglades cruise ship injury law firm has successfully represented hundreds of passengers who have been injured on cruises leaving Port Everglades from around the world. Our firm has nearly 50 years of combined legal experience, holding major cruise lines accountable when they put their profits over passenger safety.

One of the most common types of injuries that we investigate are slip and falls, trip and falls, injuries that occur while passengers are participating in onboard activities such as the FlowRider or artificial surf machine, ice-skating, zip lining, bumper cars, elevator accidents, spa injuries, and children’s injuries. 

In addition to the typical types of slip and fall cases that we investigate on cruises, there are also incidents where passengers are the victim of sexual assault, rape, and other crimes. These can occur both on the ship or on an excursion or in a port of call.

Even if the incident occurs off the ship, the time limit to initiate the claim is still one year from the date of the alleged incident. Because of this we at Aronfeld Trial Lawyers strongly recommend that you contact an experienced maritime personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Even if you’re still on the ship so that we can help you protect your legal rights. One of the key pieces of evidence that we have found in these types of cases is the CCTV footage. This type of evidence is usually deleted or edited quickly by the ship’s lawyers and security officers and often make it difficult, if not impossible for injured passengers to prove that they were hurt and that their injuries are a result of the cruise line’s negligence. 

This is fundamentally important because under federal maritime law to hold a cruise line accountable for your injuries it must be proven that the cruise line was “on notice “of the dangerous condition before you got hurt. Often this is impossible to prove. What it essentially means is that if a passenger were to slip and fall on a wet pool deck or a defective waterslide the dangerous condition has to have been known or should’ve been known by the cruise line before the incident occurred.

To prove this our lawyers investigate claims as soon as possible so that we can take statements from witnesses, do ship inspections to test the surfaces of the deck, steps, or other locations of the injury, and obtain the CCTV footage.

Assuming that our maritime lawyers are successful at proving that the cruise line had notice or should’ve had notice of the dangerous condition that caused the accident such as a steep gangway, malfunctioning elevator, or other situation, we still would be obligated to prove that the incident “caused” an injury.

Proving the cause of injury is often as difficult as it is proving the reason that the passenger got hurt. That is why our office works closely with experienced experts in the fields of neurology, orthopedic surgery, emergency medical care, and psychology.

We frequently will have our clients examined by our expert consultants to verify what the injuries are, what the reasonable cost of medical care would be as well as what the future prognosis holds for them. Some of the most common types of injuries that the cruise ship passenger injury lawyers see are from accidents that occurred on ships that use Port Everglades are fractured arms and legs, broken ankles, knee, and hip injuries, spine and neck injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and on occasion death.

Death on a cruise ship

If a passenger dies on board a cruise ship as a result of the cruise line’s negligence, the surviving family members can bring a claim against the cruise line for the wrongful death of the passenger. Unfortunately, these cases are governed by the law known as the “death on the high seas act.“

The death on the high seas act has severe limitations as to what the family members or beneficiaries of the deceased passenger can claim in a lawsuit against the cruise line. Unlike wrongful death cases that occur on land, passenger wrongful death cases against cruise lines have limitations, limiting the state to receive compensation only for funeral expenses, medical expenses, loss of household support, and lost wages. In other words, there is no compensation for the pain and suffering of the deceased or their family members.

Our law firm has represented many families who have lost loved ones on cruise ships due to the cruise line’s negligence in areas such as medical malpractice for failing to diagnose and treat a severely ill passenger, and injuries that have occurred on board the ship from tripping and falling.

Speak with an experienced passenger injury lawyer today

Our firm is pleased to provide a free initial and confidential consultation with you regarding your potential claim against a major cruise line. We offer these consultations by telephone, zoom, Google Meet, or FaceTime.

Not all accidents and incidents on board a cruise are viable court cases. This is why we strongly urge you to contact us as soon as possible after your injury from a cruise ship accident so that we can help you decipher what happened and whether or not you have a claim.


We offer anyone who may have been injured while on a cruise an initial legal consultation free of charge by SKYPE, email, or telephone, toll-free at 1-866-597-4529. Our lawyers have a combined legal experience of nearly 50 years, holding cruise lines accountable for putting their profits ahead of your safety. Let our lawyers help you obtain the compensation you may be entitled to for lost wages, medical expenses, travel reimbursement, loss of the enjoyment of the cruise, and pain and suffering. Call us today. We are ready to help.

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