Parking Lot Bumper Trip & Falls

Parking Lot Bumper Trip & Falls

Parking Lots are dangerous spaces for many reasons. Poorly designed parking lots can result in a high level of traffic and congestion, and are notoriously difficult places for drivers to navigate. According to the National Safety Council, “Tens of thousands of crashes occur in parking lots and garage structures annually, resulting in hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries.” Parking lots are designed for cars, and give little infrastructural consideration to pedestrian movement. This auto-driven architecture can make parking lots tricky places for pedestrians to traverse, and at time very dangerous for a variety of reasons:

  • Struck by a moving vehicle 
  • Trip and fall over Parking Lot Bumper
  • Slip by pool of water
  • Dim Lighting
  • Sexual assault, rape, and kidnapping.

Injured in a Parking Lot?

If you are injured in a parking lot, you are involved in a premise liability personal injury case. This means, if you intend on taking legal action, you would be suing those responsible for maintaining the parking lot. One important element of premise liability cases is proving that the party responsible for the space where you were injured, were aware of the injury-causing element prior to the incident. This can be described as negligence, and is integral when proving that the injury you suffered was unjust and avoidable. 

If you or somebody you know tripped in a parking lot as a result of a parking bumper, or other reason, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries and pain. Contact our offices today and see how our team of experienced and passionate lawyers can advocate for you and your injury.