Sexual Assault

Less than 39% of all rapes and sexual assaults are ever reported to law enforcement. Those who do report the incident are often ridiculed and embarrassed. Others wait so long that it becomes difficult to do anything about it.

Sexual misconduct between a doctor, nurse or other healthcare provider and a patient is always inappropriate, no mater where the conduct occurs. We have represented Florida patients who have been victimized in emergency rooms, hospital beds, private offices and even in the parking lot of hospitals.

When a patient is a victim of sexual assault by a doctor or in a hospital the emotional and physical injuries can be devastating. I have represented many patients, both women and men, who have been taken advantage of while under medical care. An article I wrote was recently published in Trial Magazine detailing ways that other lawyers can better represent the victims of this particular crime. Sexual assaults by health care providers are real and we are prepared and experienced in this area of the law.

UM Student Confessed to Asssualting Sleeping Students

College and university campuses are potentially dangerous places. Statistics reveal that every 21hours there is another rape on an American college or university campus. In fact, 90% of all campus rapes occur under the influence of alcohol. Almost 60% of the completed campus rapes that take place on a college campus occur in the victim’s dorm room or apartment. Our Florida sexual assault lawyers are devoted to keeping Florida’s campuses safe for students, visitors, faculty, and administration. Spencer Aronfeld consulted Yale University’s Daily News, the country’s oldest university newspaper about a recent on campus student rape case


Sexual Assualts On Spring Break

Energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster are becoming more and more prevalent on college campuses around the country. According to a recent report in USA Today, 56% of college students mix energy drinks with alcohol and prescription drugs. A recent study published in the Journal of Caffeine Research found that of 651 students at a large public university commonly mix energy drinks with alcohol. 60% were under the age of 21.

Caffeine intensifies the depressant effects of alcohol which can impair judgment and cause dehydration. For young consumers, this can potentially create an environment where they are more likely to engage in casual or risky sex. A Jägerbomb combines a shot of Jägermeister and Red Bull; it is widely sold in bars and night clubs that serve college-age adults as well as minors who may be using fake identification.

This intoxicating combination of caffeine, alcohol, and “natural ingredients” can lead to an increased risk of committing or becoming a victim of sexual assault. 29% of sexually active students at the University of Buffalo reported consuming energy drinks mixed with alcohol every month.

Spring Break is a recognized rite of passage for college students. Every year hundreds of thousands of students travel to Florida’s spring break hot spots like Panama City Beach, Key West, Daytona Beach, and Miami’s South Beach.

The current “hook up” culture existing on many college campuses includes mixing energy drinks and alcohol. This dangerous combination places college-aged students at the highest risk for becoming a victim of sexual assault. There is no absolute way to prevent being the victim of a sexual assault, but after more than 20 years of representing victims both old and young, men and women, we recommend the following:

  1. TRUST YOUR GUT– If you feel instinctively that you are in danger, immediately seek help by getting to a secure location. Forget about feeling embarrassed or offending your hosts, simply get out before it is too late;
  2. YOLO– You Only Live Once is probably the most dangerous thing I have heard victims say. Say no to offers to take shots or rides offered by strangers, especially when out of town or in a foreign country;
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA-Tweeting and Instagramming your every move can provide a detailed road map to a stalker. Protect your Tweets by delayed sends and privacy settings. In reality, nobody other than your parents and best friends need to know your hotel room number;
  4. BUDDY SYSTEM– Never be alone or leave your friend behind. You may not both be on the same schedule or level of intoxication. Make a commitment before Spring Break starts that no man or woman will be left behind. You simply will not leave unless you leave with your buddy.
  5. DON’T DRINK-It is easier said than done, but if you do, only buy drinks that are served in unopened bottles. It will help you count the servings and protect you from being the victim of a tampered drink. Never leave your drinks unattended. Take the bottle with you or order a fresh drink.

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