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Port of Nassau – Cruise Accident Attorney

The cruise ship port of Nassau, Bahamas is one the most popular and frequented cruise ship destinations in the world. Cruise ships dock there every single day dropping off thousands of passengers who enjoy the beautiful beaches, landmarks, shopping, dining, and memorable shore excursions.  The Festival Place cruise terminal, also known as Prince George Wharf is where cruises dock and offer the following amenities: 

  • Shuttle buses to major attractions like the Atlantis Hotel
  • Tourist info
  • Public telephones
  • Post office
  • Pharmacy
  • Taxis
  • Scooter rentals (we do not recommend this) 
  • ATMs
  • Public Restrooms
  • Local specialty food court and 
  • Duty-free shopping

In 2019, the Bahamas hosted nearly 5.5 million cruise ship visitors which is more than any other cruise port in the entire world. It’s nearly 1,000,000 more passengers per year than visited Cozumel, Mexico which is the next most visited cruise port in the world. The most common cruise visiting the Bahamas is a three or four-day cruise that sails from the port of Miami which is of course the busiest cruise ship port in the world.

One of the constant complaints that our cruise ship injury lawyers hear about the port of Nassau, is that it is constantly under some sort of renovation or construction. It appears that this cruise ship port has been under renovation for over a decade and it is chaotic both in and out of the terminal. But that can be part of the charm of visiting this special destination.

Booking Shore Excursions on your Bahamas Cruise

Another issue that cruise ship passengers will face when they exit the Festival Place terminal in Nassau is the barrage of local vendors offering taxi rides, tours, scooter rentals, beach visits, hair braiding, jet skiing, and zip lining. This is why we strongly recommend anyone who is visiting Nassau on a cruise, book any shore excursions directly from the cruise line. Not only is it more convenient but the cruise line does require that shore excursion operators in Nassau maintain minimum liability insurance to compensate passengers if they get injured while participating in a shore excursion.

The Advantage of Cruising to Nassau

Another advantage to cruising to Nassau is its location. The Port of Nassau is only 180 miles southeast of Miami. In the event of a medical emergency, it is possible to get a passenger transported from Nassau to a shoreside facility in South Florida in a few hours. This is very important because there are very limited resources for critical medical care on the island. We have investigated many cases where our clients have been seriously injured on board a ship or that the ship failed to properly diagnose a critical illness and the facilities in Nassau were inadequate to provide the type of care that was required.

Today Nassau has approximately 250,000 full-time residents and most cruise ship passengers will visit the historic center of Nassau located in New Providence. This is where they will find most of the landmarks and attractions as well as the Paradise Island Atlantis resort. The Atlantis resort is located about 2 miles from the port in Nassau and is a frequently visited destination for cruise ship passengers.


Since Nassau is the most popular port in the world it’s not surprising that the major cruise lines travel there nearly every single day. Carnival Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, Princess Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruise Lines, Regent Seven Seas, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Oceania Cruise Lines, Virgin Cruise Lines, and their budget day cruise “Bahamas Paradise” Cruise Line all will call on Nassau this year.

Due to the rush of passengers visiting now, one might find that the cost of meals and drinks and restaurants can be high. That’s because many of the raw products required are imported to the island. On a busy day, Nassau can host five cruise ships simultaneously which will leave tens of thousands of cruise ship passengers scouring the restaurants and bars that surround the port looking for meals.

We recommend that you explore the island by walking from the pier to Bay Street and around the downtown shopping area. If you are someone who enjoys gambling you might enjoy going to the Atlantis Hotel mega resort which has several properties with casinos, amazing swimming pools, and beaches. They sell day passes that are available for cruise ship passengers. 


If a family member is injured while cruising to or from the Bahamas you may be surprised to learn that any claim against the cruise line must be made not in the Bahamas but in the United States Federal Courts. That is because the majority of cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, MSC, Norwegian, Virgin, and others will require you to litigate their cases against them in the United States even if the accident happened in or near the Bahamas.

The majority of cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Norwegian will require that the lawsuit against them be filed within one year of the date of the incident. Norwegian Cruise Lines has a presuit notice requirement that means that you notify them in writing within 185 days of the incident in order to file your lawsuit.

For these reasons and many more we strongly recommend that if you are hurt on a Bahamas cruise at sea, in port, in the terminal, or while participating in a shore excursion like zip lining, jet skiing, or snorkeling that you speak with an experienced Bahamas cruise ship accident lawyer today. Our law firm at Aronfeld Trial Lawyers has over 40 years of combined legal experience representing individuals and their families who have been injured on cruises to and from the Bahamas.

Simply because you got hurt on a Bahamas cruise doesn’t mean that the cruise line is automatically responsible to pay you any money for your injury, pain and suffering, medical expenses, or more. First, it has to be determined whether or not the cruise line is in fact responsible either entirely or at least in some part for your injury. In other words, just because you fall on a cruise ship doesn’t mean that you are going to receive money.

Our lawyers know how to investigate and prosecute these cases. We will help you understand whether you have a case and to protect your legal rights. In a typical case where someone gets hurt on a Bahamas cruise, we will find out why, where, and how the incident happened. The most common type of case that we have investigated is when somebody slips and falls on a wet and slippery floor or deck, trips over an unmarked threshold, or down a steep wet dark staircase.

In addition to having to prove how and why the accident happened, injured passengers also have to prove what their injury is. We work closely with experts in the field of neurology, orthopedic surgery, pain management, radiology, and many more medical specialties to understand and prove what your injury is and what your future prognosis will be.

We want to get you the full value of your case which means that we need to understand your past pain and suffering, your medical expenses, and what the future holds for you. In the case of permanent injuries, we want to make sure that you were compensated for the rest of your life.


Our lawyers are available to speak with you today regarding your potential case. The sooner we can talk with you the better will be able to help you. We encourage people who have been injured on a Bahamas cruise to contact our law firm even if they’re still on the cruise. Valuable evidence can quickly disappear such as CCTV footage, witness statements, and the condition of whatever caused you to get hurt. Cruise lines are known to quickly erase CCTV footage or to change flooring before we have an opportunity to inspect and test it.

Our firm is also experienced in representing people who have been the victims of sexual assault and medical malpractice on cruise ships. We know how to investigate these cases and how to hold cruise lines accountable when they put their profits ahead of passenger safety.

Call us today you’ll be able to speak by zoom, Google meet, FaceTime, or Skype with an experienced Maritime lawyer. We’re ready to help.


We provide free initial legal consultations to anyone who may have had an accident on a cruise to or from Cozumel–or while in port. Not all injuries or claims are valid legal cases. However, we have over 50 years of combined legal experience helping people from around the world who have suffered a physical injury because of a cruise line’s putting its profits ahead of passenger safety. Call us today toll-free at 1-866-597-4529 or email us. We also provide consultations via SKYPE and Facetime. We encourage you to contact us even while still onboard the vessel–before you speak to a cruise line investigator or sign any document.

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