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Worker Injuries and Deaths from Traffic-Related Motor Vehicle Crashes

Our Florida lawyers are devoted to preventing worker injury and death as a result of traffic-related car or truck accidents. Many workers are at extremely high risk for injury and death from traffic-related crashes. Statistics indicate that an average of three workers die each day in the United States as a result of a car or truck wreck.

Motor vehicle crashes is one of the leading cause of work-related deaths for Florida’s workers. Traffic

worker injuries

related motor vehicle crashes account for the death or injury of hundreds of workers each year. The number of traffic-related deaths for Florida’s employees is estimated at eight times the number of deaths that are not related to traffic.

We recommend that if driving is part of your job duty or description that you always take the following steps to avoid injury or death:

  1. Always use a fully-functional seat-belt. If you are given a vehicle that does not have a fully-functional seatbelt, advise your supervisor or report them to OSHA.
  2. Always drive within the speed limit.
  3. Do not drive if you are tired, on medication or distracted.
  4. Be familiar with basic maintenance systems and procedures for whatever vehicle you are given. Confirm that there is sufficient tire tread and that the vehicle’s safety lights are fully functioning.

If you are an employer or manager of motor vehicle operators, our Florida employee injury lawyers recommend the following:

  1. Conduct a thorough criminal and traffic background check on any driver before allowing the access to a motor vehicle.
  2. Provided vehicles that have fully operational safety belts for both driver and passengers.
  3. Establish schedules that will allow your employees to arrive at their destinations without requiring them to speed or endanger other drivers or pedestrians.
  4. Train drivers to safely use the vehicles and have knowledge and access to the safety features such as hazard lights, warning flares and cell phones.
  5. Prohibit the use of cell phones by employees while in motion in a company vehicle.
  6. Establish reliable and thorough inspections and maintenance protocols for all company cars and trucks.
  7. Make sure that you utilize vehicles that have the latest safety features and equipment such as airbags, lane departure warnings, blind spot elimination warnings, and back up sensors.
  8. Adopt the U.S. Department of Transportation’s safety regulations for the use of commercial vehicles in your business’ operational manual.