Port of Norfolk – Cruise Accident Attorney

Port of Norfolk – Cruise Accident Attorney

Norfolk Cruise Port is Virginia’s only cruise terminal. It is a must-see port of call for a number of the largest cruise ships such as the Norwegian Getawaythe Norwegian Gem, the Norwegian Joythe Carnival Magic, the MS Caribbean Princess, and many others. Norfolk’s waterfront area near the cruise terminal has deep historic ties to maritime travel with many landmarks and monuments you will enjoy seeing. 

Norfolk, Virginia also known as Virginia Beach is probably best known as a navy town as it is home to the world’s largest naval base. The seaport in Norfolk is over 400 years old and is surrounded by beautiful parks, shopping malls, restaurants, and one of the best maritime museums in the world. It is located near Colonial Williamsburg and the old town Portsmouth. One of the most popular sites is the battleship USS Wisconsin and the Hampton Roads Naval Museum. So if you’re planning a cruise from Norfolk, we recommend that you spend some time either before or after the cruise exploring one of America’s most beautiful cities.

The most popular cruise from Norfolk is on the Carnival Magic which sails to Bermuda. Another popular cruise that stops in Virginia Beach is on the NCL Joy, which goes from New York City, Orlando (Port Canaveral), Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas, the royal naval dockyard in Bermuda, and back to New York.  

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If you’re injured on the cruise leaving from Virginia it’s important to know that most cruise lines like Carnival, Norwegian, and others will require that any claim against them be filed within one year of the date of the incident. Furthermore, the claim must not be filed in Virginia but the Seventh District Federal Courthouse located in Miami, Florida. If the case is filed in the wrong courthouse, in the wrong state, or the wrong jurisdiction it can be dismissed and your legal rights forever barred.

That’s because deep in the passenger ticket is specific language that limits where and when claims against cruise ships and cruise lines can be filed by injured passengers. Many are shocked to learn that they only have one year from the date of the incident in which they can file the lawsuit. What is even more surprising is that Norwegian requires a written notice to be made within a specific number of days after the incident occurred. Failure to notice of your potential claim could result in having the case dismissed immediately upon filing. 

This is why our Cruise ship passenger accident and injury lawyers that represent people hurt on cruises from Virginia beach, strongly recommend that you consult with a lawyer who is experienced in maritime law as soon as possible after your incident – even if you are still on your cruise.

Accidents on Cruises

The typical type of case that we investigate on cruises from Virginia Beach involves a slip and falls on wet and slippery decks and floors, trips and falls over unmarked thresholds, and falling down interior and exterior staircases that are dark, slippery, and uneven. We also have successfully represented people who’ve been injured while participating in activities on cruise ships such as zip lining, rock climbing, bumper cars, waterslides, artificial surf machines, ice-skating, and many others.

Frequently incidents like this result in broken arms and legs, fractured pelvis and hips and ankles, shoulder separations, spinal injuries, neck injuries, and traumatic brain injuries.

Our firm also has considerable experience in representing passengers who have been injured while receiving spa treatments. If a spa therapist applies too much pressure or mismanages a guest while in the spa, it can result in a serious injury such as dislocated shoulders, and or spinal injuries.

Alcohol is frequently a factor in slips, trips, and falls, around cruise ships. Many of these cruise lines are very aggressive at trying to sell “all-inclusive” drink packages. Despite this, the minute a passenger gets injured they will blame the passenger for having “over-consumed” alcohol. We strongly recommend that you do not purchase these “all you can drink” packages as they will be used against you if you get injured. Alcohol consumption can lower your inhibitions, and make it more difficult to walk up and down staircases, especially at night.

Our law firm is not experienced in investigating claims that occur aboard cruise ships but we also have experience in claims off of the ship such as in ports, terminals, and shore excursions. We always recommend that our clients purchase their shore excursions directly from the cruise line. That’s because the cruise line has a responsibility to investigate the shore excursion operator by performing some form of “due diligence“. This doesn’t always happen, but they’re supposed to ensure that the shore excursion is operating their excursions in a reasonably safe manner.

Most importantly, shore excursions that were purchased directly from the cruise line, have liability insurance. This is very important if you get injured in a bus accident, Zipline accident, tripping and falling on a poorly marked sidewalk, or staircase during the excursion. We have represented people around the world who have been injured on shore excursions and have successfully obtained compensation for them directly from the cruise lines.  

It’s understandable to try to save some money and buy the shore excursions off the ship from independent vendors, but if something goes wrong it will be difficult, or even impossible, to hold some zip line operator in Cozumel responsible for your injuries.

Our cruise ship passenger injury attorneys have also successfully represented passengers who have been injured on the private islands that the cruise ships operate. All the major cruise lines such as Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, MSC, and Virgin, have private islands that they bring their passengers to. If you’re injured on one of those islands the same federal maritime law applies. As well as the one-year statute of limitations that you have to file your claim. In other words, even if the private island is located in the Bahamas or Belize, you still have to file your claim in the United States Federal Courthouse in Miami within one year of the date of your accident.

All accidents on cruise ships, ports, terminals, and excursions may not be the legal responsibility of the cruise line. In other words just because it happened doesn’t mean that you’re entitled to receive money. One of the most important things our maritime law firm can do to help you is to understand the difference between your accident and a winnable cruise accident case. That’s where our years of experience come into play because we know the difference between an accident and one that can be successfully brought to Federal Court and get our clients the monetary compensation they deserve.

If you get injured as a result of the cruise line’s negligence when they put their profits ahead of your safety, you may be entitled to receive money for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of your cruise, and transportation expenses both in the past and the future.

Our cruise ship lawyers offer free legal consultation if you have been injured on a cruise or have been the victim of a sexual assault or medical malpractice while on a cruise. These consultations are confidential and can be made by telephone, Coom, Google Meet, FaceTime, or Skype.

If you’ve been injured on a cruise from Virginia, call us today. We have over 45 years of combined legal experience helping passengers who have been injured and we hold cruise lines accountable. We’re ready to help.


We offer anyone who may have been injured while on a cruise an initial legal consultation free of charge by SKYPE, email, or telephone, toll-free at 1-866-597-4529. Our lawyers have a combined legal experience of nearly 50 years, holding cruise lines accountable for putting their profits ahead of your safety. Let our lawyers help you obtain the compensation you may be entitled to for lost wages, medical expenses, travel reimbursement, loss of the enjoyment of the cruise, and pain and suffering. Call us today. We are ready to help.

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