ABA’s Needs To Do Something To Protect Injured Illegal Immigrants

As a Miami personal injury lawyer, I have to say I am proud and excited that one of our local lawyers is the president of the American Bar Association. Now the question is what can Steve Zach do to make justice more accessible to those who need it most?

His first move in creating a Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights is a baby step in the right direction. Most of the folks I have represented in my career, do not speak, read or write English. Most were not born or raised in the United States. Their injury is usually the first and only experience they will ever have with the US justice system. But our justice system’s is much more “user” friendly for Hispanics than when I first started practicing law twenty years ago. Today, more of the judges, jurors and witnesses are more likely to speak Spanish too.

The greater challenge I see is when the injured are deported before trial. So Mr. Zack I urge you to create safeguard for the 11 million illegal immigrants currently living in the U.S.

If you need another Miami lawyer to help your Commission, I am available to serve.