What is a Compulsory Medical Examination & How Can It Affect Your Personal Injury Case?

Under Florida law, a defendant in a personal injury case has the right to request that the injured party undergo what is called a compulsory medical examination (CME). Sometimes these examinations are referred to as “independent” medical examinations, although they are not necessarily independent. CMEs are requested for the purpose of verifying the plaintiff’s injuries [...]

The Coronavirus Crisis Spreads to the U.S. As Worldwide Cases Reach 90,000

The coronavirus has become a global epidemic. More than 90,000 cases of the coronavirus have been reported throughout the world with 3,000 of them resulting in fatalities. Outbreaks are now being reported in the United States, with 162 confirmed cases, and 11 fatalities. Most cases have been in China, South Korea, Italy and Iran, although [...]

Common Defenses in Slip and Fall Cases and How Our Attorneys Disprove Them

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, at any time. Many times, falls happen through the negligence of the injured person, but other times, they occur because of the negligence of the property owner or business. Here are some of the most common causes of slip and falls and the most common defenses in slip [...]

Important Updates Regarding Travel Changes for Cruises Ending in Miami, Everglades, and Canaveral Ports

With Hurricane Dorian wreaking havoc in the Bahamas and dangerously approaching Florida’s east coast, many individuals are understandably concerned regarding the whereabouts of their loved ones who are currently on cruises in the Bahamas. The Miami Herald has released information to update people who share these concerns so that they are aware of where their [...]
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