Broken Leg on a Cruise Ship

Leg Injury from a Slip and Fall on a Cruise Ship

Simply falling down on a cruise ship can result in breaking one or both bones in the leg. However, breaking the femur or thighbone usually is the result of a more significant fall. We commonly investigate and represent passengers who have broken their legs on cruise ships after slipping on a wet surface on a deck or stairs or tripping and falling on one of the many raised thresholds that separate different areas of the ship. The thresholds necessary tripping hazards and are often are found found dividing the balcony from the stateroom, the hallway that leads to the cabin or even between the bathroom and cabin itself.

There are a number of serious complications associated with broken legs, such as knee problems, uneven leg length, healing difficulties, arthritis and compartmental syndrome. Compartmental syndrome occurs when there is muscle damage in addition to the broken bone that can result in serious permanent and debilitating medical conditions.

The onboard doctors and medical facilities usually use an X-ray to diagnose the exact location of a leg break. However, we have seen many cases where the ship’s doctors have failed to properly diagnose fractures (breaks) causing the hurt passenger to delay receiving the appropriate care and treatment.

Don’t Wear Flip Flops!

Probably the best way to avoid breaking your leg while on a cruise ship is to simply NOT wear flip flops. These rubber soled sandals provide little to know support if you encounter a wet, slippery or greasy deck

In addition, another way to avoid breaking your leg during your cruise is to limiting your alcohol consumption. We realize this can be difficult, especially when cruise lines like Carnival offer alcohol packages which appear to be simply designed to make getting drunk even easier.

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