Chris and Dana White claim they found a hidden video recording device inside their cabin aimed directly at their bed onboard the Carnival Fantasy.  The Pensacola, Florida couple still in shock and disbelief, were on a three-day cruise vacation when they discovered the device, which they said was ‘wired up’ and still ‘warm to the touch.’

In a statement provided to the Sun Sentinel, Doral-based Carnival Cruise Line said it performed a full investigation and acknowledged that a “small video transmitter” was found but that it “was not connected to an electrical source and not capable of recording.”

In an interview, scheduled to broadcast on Inside Edition tonight, Chris White stated that he and his wife noticed a device that was hidden amid wires and pointing in the direction of their bed. Upon discovering the device, they called a Carnival employee security official, who inspected and dismantled the device. The couple documented this with their cell phone camera. The device has been turned over to the FBI for further investigation.


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