Florida’s citizens depend on emergency rooms for car accidents, heart attacks, strokes or other critical medical needs. Our emergency rooms have to function with both efficiency and accuracy or people’s lives can be lost.

As a Miami Emergency Room malpractice lawyer, I have seen an increase in the number of preventable deaths and injuries from emergency room neglect. USA Today reported that some seven of our nation’s hospitals actually have worse heart-attack death rates than the national average. You can compare your local hospitals mortality rate by clicking here.

Its more important than ever that emergency rooms are held accountable for the harm they cause. The absolute best way for patients to survive a visit to the emergency room is through information obtained before hand. Mercy Hospital in Miami, which I am presently suing for an emergency room delay that caused our client to suffer an irreparable stroke, now posts on its web site their current wait time, number of patients waiting and how long it will take to see a doctor. With the current technology, this kind of information, assuming its accurate, can save lives.